What this is about

For about three years now, I’ve had a very bad, chronic cough. I know it is sinus/allergy related. I even went to the doctor to have her check lung function to make sure I didn’t have a low level infection/bronchitis, and to rule out sinus infection.

Everything was clear and we determined it may be allergy related. Cue allergy suffering. 

That’s cool. I could go with that. Take allergy meds and pray for rain when spring comes and the car turns that sickly shade of yellow green from the pollen.

Except, the allergy meds didn’t seem to work on some days and my cough was so bad to the point I was afraid I would end up breaking ribs from the severity. Forget trying to talk. The moment I started talking, my throat would get that telltale tickle and I’d start coughing. It was so bad that I would cough first before I even tried to talk.

That’s no way to live and I was really frustrated.

One day, a friend poked me in the ribs and said ‘have you considered wheat allergies’?

To which the answer to that is no. I hadn’t. Because I’d never had that problem before. When I was younger.

I’m older now, body is lumpy and out of shape and had so far been very resistant to losing weight. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t losing any weight. I don’t have a problem not eating crap and sugar and junk. I was eating healthy. Or healthy enough. And exercising. The scale just didn’t want to budge. Not very far in any case.

In doing research into wheat allergies, I was floored by the symptoms and how many fit in that.

So I decided to put it to a fast test. I went a day without eating wheat and milk and low and behold, my cough was at a minimum. It was still there, I still have sinus drainage but not to the severity of what I had been dealing with.

Then came the final blow. On Sunday, mom made a beef roast and she made biscuits and brown gravy from flour. Being the good southern girl I am, I split my biscuit open and loaded up the gravy. Omnomnom.

Cue the next three hours with one of the worst cases of coughing, — which brought on a headache — I’ve had in a while.

Well okaythen!

That leads me to here. For the next thirty days, I will be charting out what I eat and scrupulously reading labels to weed out all wheat and milk.

In talking with friends, this is the take-away I’ve come with:

1) Definitely going with a food diary for further study.

2) I have started paying attention to what I was eating and what would trigger an allergy attack and was already able to draw lines of correlation between eating wheat, drinking milk/eating milk product and exhibiting the more severe of the allergy symptoms.

2a) number 2 solidified that I need to keep more careful account of what is going in my mouth and my body’s reaction, captured in number 1.

3) The culprits so far that I can tell just after 48 hours of being more aware, have been wheat (biscuits and gravy for lunch triggered a severe coughing fit for many hours after) and milk I’ve always suspected considering it just doesn’t agree with my body. *insert yukface and clamming up about bodily functions*

4) Giving up my milk is gonna be hard. *cries* I love sharp chedder cheese. It’s my secret hope that it’s just wheat and I can eat my cheese. Cutting out cow’s milk I don’t think will be that hard overall. Don’t want to lose my cheese, though.

5) Giving up wheat won’t be as hard. I do like my bread but I always knew it wasn’t serving me. In the past, to lose weight, all I’ve had to do was give up bread. Not happening anymore, leading me to;

6) To the horrible horrible realization that part of the reason this stubborn weight is not coming off is due to these items in my diet. Will be monitoring closely to see what happens and how things change.

6a) The weight thing is especially troubling considering I have been watching what I eat and I don’t overconsume on junk or crap and don’t take in a lot of calories. I don’t binge eat and I always stop before I am ‘stuffed’. I also do not eat after 8pm (this has always been something I’ve been firm on for many many years).

7) I have gone to the doctor already about this chronic cough and the determination had already been made that it was mostly likely due to allergies. (lungs were clear, no sinus infection) That was when we started experimenting with allergy meds. We just were attacking the wrong causes of my allergic reactions. It’s not necessarily (although it may also be a contributor) allergens in the air/house.

7a) A complaint I’ve had when I go to the eye doctors is that my right eye always feels swollen. They’ve tested and haven’t noted anything wrong. In reading about wheat allergies, there was also a note about swollen eyes as a symptom and while I’m not sure if there is a correlation, I will be paying attention to any changes (which brings me back to my food diary in number 1).

8) Sharp cheddar cheese. *cries on everyone*

9) You should all be jealous, my mother’s hens have started laying and now we have fresh farm eggs.

10) there is no ten, I just like even numbered lists.

So, that’s what this blog will be about. I’ll be talking about boring stuff of eating, food, reading labels and monitoring my symptoms very closely.


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